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What Kind Of Ceramic Sink Is Better?

2020-07-13 14:27:58
The first, we should choose the beautiful surface of the ceramic sink. The glazed surface should be very perfect and without defects. It means the sink look very flat, without the air bubble, the little color dots and obvious seam. What’s more, both surface and back of the sink also are no cracks.
The second, We should pay attention the drain hole of the sink. The drain holes are very structured. The drain holes of sink are single hole. And the overflow hole and drain hole should be on straight line. The drain hole can meet cupc requirements. The drain hole is perfectly round. And the diameter of the sink shall not exceed 45 millimetre. And you make the drainer put down, there are no gap between the sink and the drainer.
The third, the edge is the most important quality standard for this sink. The edges of the sink are very flat and it should be no burrs on the edge of the sink. What’s more, the edges are specially polished to wipe out the sharp margins. So when you touch edges of the sinks with your hand, you can feel it is very smooth and good.
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