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Natural Stone Basin -- Portoro Marble

2020-07-24 12:29:57
Portoro marble is one of the very precious materials in natural stone basins. There are many places of origin and it is an international distribution. There are four main places of origin: China, Italy, Afghanistan, Australia. According to the layout effect, Portoro marbles are divided into large flowers, medium flowers, small flowers, etc. They can be divided into two types based on the pattern effect: a fine-grained golden yellow and a ribbon gray-white. The layout effect is beautiful and each pf them has its own advantages.
For the background color. it is black and the pattern is golden yellow, fine lines and the brightness is good. The basic color is black and the golden yellow stripes are evenly distributed in stripes, just like the black satin surface is sprinkled with a layer of yellow golden flowers, which gives a sense of stability and nobility. After use, it reflects its unique magnificence. Gorgeous and noble, it is a rare good product in stone.
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