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Natural Stone Basin -- Royal Batticino Marbl

2020-07-30 17:05:00
Royal Batticino marble is one of popular materials for bathroom natural stone basins. It is nont only bright and colorful, but also it does not contain radiation. In addition to the excellent processing performance, this kind of stone is widely used for bathroom wash basins. For the practical function and use, Royal Batticino marble has good wear resistance and it is also not easy to age. Its service life is generally about 50-80 years. Then, Royal Batticino marble has the characteristics of non-conductivity, non-magnetic conductivity and stable field position.
There are more than a dozen varieties in Royal Batticino marble series and also over a dozen sub-species. Among them, the Royal Batticino marble produced in Iran is known as the king of beige stone, because the texture is similar to jade, then the color is soft and warm. Besides, there is a slight yellow in the white. As this kind of marble is quite metamorphic, it is the best marble and suitable for bathroom decoration.
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