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Inspection Of Handmade Stainless Sinks

2020-09-15 17:16:09
For our handmade stainless steel sinks, our inspectors will check carefully one by one and also make professional inspection report for every order. Firstly, they shall record the practical measurement of overall size and bowl size, with comparison to standard sizes in the order.
Then the size and location of drain hole shall be clearly recorded in the inspection report, including the outside and inside sizes. They also need to check if the drain hole is centered in the sinks, measure the distance between drain hole and the edges on the bottom of stainless sinks.
Besides, the inspectors shall weigh the handmade stainless sink with and without the package, but both of them shall exclude the silence pad and the coating. The thickness of handmade stainless sinks is also very important to be measured and if they also feature with round corner, it shall measure the practical radius of corner.

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