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Inspection Of Ceramic Sinks

2020-09-28 17:34:13
For the inspection of ceramic sinks, the first step shall be the measurement of exterior size and inner size. It need be controlled within reasonable error. The drain hole shall also be well structured and the diameter would be standard within permitted error range, not too big or too small. Then, for the overall shape of sinks, the inspectors would check with professional measuring tools like level ruler, plug gauge... They would pick out the quality problems, such as the deformation, out-of-straight or rough edges.
As one of the most important inspection standard, the glazed surface need to be taken much attention, even some small defects like pinhole, black, yellow or gray spots... our inspector would carefully record and strictly control the quality. What’s more, the inside of overflow hole shall be uniformly glazed. Even or the ceramic sinks installed under the counter tops, we would also inspect the back if there are any cracks, broken edges and corners, or redness by being burned out in the kiln.

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