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How To Trim The Wet Blank Of Ceramic Sinks

2020-09-30 15:27:16
To make the finished ceramic sinks be shaped better, we need to trim the wet blanks after moulding. First of all, our workers will inspect if there are any cracks under the light of low-voltage hand lamp. Besides, in order to adjust the whole shape of ceramic sinks better, they shall control well the hardness of wet blank.
Then, our workers shall cut rough edges around the corners of mould to be flat and also repair the cracks. For the treated part of ceramic blank, it need 80% muddy water to be applied in time so as to prevent from cracking. What’s more, during the trimming work, it’s very important to keep the mud clean, the water clean and also the hands of workers clean. In this way, we can effectively decrease the problems of out-of-flat and bad glaze after the ceramic sink are fired in the kiln.

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