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Adjustable Kitchen Sink Colander

2020-07-14 10:34:26
The adjustable colander is one of useful accessories for stainless steel sink, taking into account the needs of washing vegetables and filtering water. Just place the washed vegetables in a kitchen sink colander, then the water will automatically flow into the sink along the gap of colander to perfectly finish an easy and convenient work of drainage. This kind of accessories takes into full consideration into the general operating rules of the cleaning work, which can not only save time and effort, but also your kitchen countertop space.
On the other hand, there are two methods of use: the one is to be conjoined with stainless steel sinks, or it can be separable. However, the adjustable colander in second form may have only very short time of use due to the material relationship, while unlike the first form, it is only installed when needed and is a very considerate small accessory. 
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