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Artificial Stone (Acrylic) Sink

2020-08-14 15:41:04
Artificial stone (acrylic) and artificial crystal sink are very fashionable. They are a kind of artificial composite material, which is formed by 80% pure granite powder and 20% oleic acid after high temperature processing.
 They have rich patterns, selective, corrosion resistance, high plasticity, have certain sound-absorbing function, the corner without seams, the surface is bright and clean. Compared with the stainless steel sink metal texture, it is more modest, and acrylic have rich colors to choose. They are different from the traditional tonal, having uniform color, coloring bold, unique personality. So to speak, they are plain. And the primary colors for some of the family favorite advocate natural style. But most of the artificial stone sinks don't come in such an exaggerated color, they come in traditional white. The sink can also be attached to an artificial stone countertop without seams to prevent leaks or bacteria.
However, we should be careful as using this kind of sink. Sharp knives and rough objects will scratch the surface and damage the finish. And it can't withstand high temperature, just taking the pan from the stove can't brush directly in the sink. Artificial stone is more fragile, and encounter external force scratching or high temperature fracturing is not easy to repair. On the other hand, it is permeation. If the dirt is not removed for a long time, it will permeate into the surface of the sink.

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