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How To Clean Kitchen Porcelain Sinks

2020-07-31 17:14:02
The cleaning of kitchen porcelain sinks is very simple. Due to the high density of this vitreous china material, there are hardly any traces formed because the dirt can’t stick to it at all. However, you should still clean it daily. You only need to use an ordinary cleaning sponge, add some detergent and water. Slightly moisten the sponge with water, then squeeze a small amount of detergent onto the soft surface of the sponge. You should use the soft surface of the sponge to wipe the surface of kitchen porcelain sink in a circular motion to remove the dirt on the surface. Finally, dry the surface with a microfiber cloth. Therefore, the porcelain material is really easy to be taken care!
On the other hand, in order to remove particularly stubborn scale deposits, we recommend using a special cleaning agent for kitchen porcelain sinks to perform this deep cleaning every few weeks. The method of cleaning is simple: pour a small amount of cleaning agent on the sponge. Clean the ceramic sink carefully in a circular motion. After wiping, let it take effect in silence for a few minutes and finally rinse with water. If you have a pull-out spray faucet, it is easier to clean.
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