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Natural Stone Basin -- Carrara Marble

2020-06-04 09:46:30
For natural stone basin, the marble is absolutely indispensable material and Carrara white plays an important role in this industry. Coming across the sea from Italy, Carrara features extraordinarily elegant luxury, white as snow on the mountain and bright as the moon. Thus it is known as the pearl of natural stone.
Carrara comes from a beautiful Italian town, surrounded by mountains on three sides. There is beautiful scenery and the white buildings not only have a special status in the town, but also bring about a special charm. That’s why this town is famous all over the world. Carrara marble is pure while and clear in color, also elegant in texture. What’s more, because of the unique in the geology of mountains, it presents a special and wonderful beauty. It is the production place of most high-end carrara marble in the world.
As the fashionable trend has turned to white marble recently, carrara, one of the most representative material, begins to occupy the market and opens a new popular season. More people like to apply it in daily life and let its beauty continue to bloom in our lives.
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