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Natural Stone Basin -- Volakos Marble

2020-06-05 10:22:20
For the white marble sink, Volakos is one of the most favorite marbles, which is widely used with a variety of designs. This type of marble is an imported natural stone with pure white background and gray-white texture. The lines and textures of Volakos marble have many changes for each one, which can be described as "a thousand sink and a thousand surface". Some of them are like a landscape with a poetic charm, while others are neat and full of modernity. Sparse or dense, strip-shaped or sheet-shaped, it brings challenges to designers, but also highlights the style to the extreme. On the other hand, as the cleanliness is often mentioned in people's lives, especially for bathroom remodeling, Volakos white marble gives a sense of purity and makes the whole bathroom space look open and clean. It can be well integrated into various styles of decoration, especially the modern and light luxury style. It is popular nowadays and can better show the fashion taste.
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