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Natural Stone Basin -- Panda White Marble

2020-06-19 17:30:44
Black and white are always the classic colors, never out of fashion, white Panda White marble is the perfect combination of black and white. This kind of marble comes from China, belong to white natural stone material. The color in black and white. looks like the body color of Chinese special protected animal -- panda, so it is named for this reason.
From the appearance, Panda White marble has clear layering, black rhyme and pure white. On the delicate white baseboard, the black lines flow randomly and freely. The Panda White marble is just like a traditional Chinese ink painting. With the traditional Chinese black and white colors, it shows its unique charm in various natural stones.
In a home decorated with Panda White marble sink, it is like being in a landscape and walking in ink. Here we have opened up a private environment unique to ourselves. We can think about nature and explore life. We settled down and found a different meaning.
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