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Natural Stone Basin -- Absolute Black Granite

2020-06-23 10:57:08
Absolute Black is one kind of natural granite material for bathroom stone basins.With pure and black color, uniform structure, high gloss, also warm and graceful texture, it is recognized as one of the best natural stones in the world.
Absolute Black granite is very popular in the domestic and international market, thanks to its high hardness, low water absorption, good corrosion resistance and wear resistance. Thus, it is considered to be good construction materials for bathroom sinks. After the polishing, this kind of sinks are smooth and black inside, comparing and better matching the surface specially designed with a rough and uniform texture. Because of its high hardness, every chiseling point requires the skilled and experienced technicians to carefully carve slowly, highlighting the atmosphere of the coarse mine while remaining the delicate quality. Each piece of Absolute Black granite sinks looks like a hard-won art work to wonderfully decorate your home.
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