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Natural Stone Basin -- Chinese White Marble

2020-06-11 13:59:42
The marble is one of the most common material in home improvement. Due to the snow-white surface, mountain and cloud-like texture and also low price, Chinese White marble has always been the first choice for bathroom building decoration. What’s more, on account of its premium feature, the Chinese White marble sink can be customized to any stylish design to perfectly complement your bathroom remodeling. It’s ideal creature in terms of its value and practicality.
Chinese White marble is produced in Hezhou city, Guangxi province in China. Chinese White marble not only has large reserves but also high grade quality. According to laboratory analysis, its calcium carbonate content is greater than 99%, the whiteness is greater than 95 degrees with high white color, good purity, soft look, stable chemical composition, free of sulfide and other harmful elements, etc. The Chinese marble is well known at home and abroad. The main technical indicators far exceed those of similar products in many countries, reaching the level of national special-grade ore.
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