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Natural Stone Basin -- Crema Marfil Marble

2020-06-18 16:20:06
Crema Marfil is a kind of beige marble, produced from Elcot Mountains in a small town of Spain. It has beige background with a small amount of fine red lines and also good luminosity. There are many types of Crema Marfil marble, it can be divided into four categories: COTO conventional beige, ZAFRA red beige, SP lightning beige, ZIVAS watermark beige. Besides, it has rice grain design, white flower design and other designs. The background color is from light white to dark black, all of them have different color line and red line. The white background with white grain design is regarded as the best material.
The main component of Crema Marfil is calcium carbonate, occupying about 50%-75% and presenting weakly alkaline. The particles are fine and the distribution of surface stripes is generally more irregular. Thus, the composition and structural characteristics of Crema Marfil make it have good decorative properties, widely used for home decoration. It is bright and colorful design, while does not contain radiation. What’s more, it has excellent processing performance, which can be customized to bathroom sink in all kinds of designs. Crema Marfil also has good wear resistance and serves long life time, generally about 50-80 years.
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