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Natural Stone Basin -- India Green Marble

2020-06-24 10:09:44
Indian green is one kind of natural marbles in full and natural color, without artificial pigments. Recently people pay more attention to pure nature and environmental protection. As one of the representatives of environmental protection products, Indian Green marble has its own unique characteristics, such as good rigidity and strong resistance to deformation. Besides, its hardness is relatively higher compared with similar stone materials and its wear resistance is also very premium. Thus, when you are using Indian green marble sink in the bathroom, there are no worries of colliding with other hard objects to damage its integrity and beauty.
On the other hand, Indian green marble has the characteristics of anti-abrasion and high temperature resistance. This is also its major feature -- strong resistance of the intrusion of acids or acidic substances. What’s more, it also does not rust and need not be oiled for easy maintain work. Indian green marble sink is a good choice for long time use in the bathroom.
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