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Oulin-One of the Leading Chinese Kitchen Sink Brands

2022-02-24 09:52:36

Oulin is considered one of the leading kitchen sink brands in China. This brand was founded in 1994. It is one of the first enterprises to introduce European-style integrated kitchens into China. Oulin is a kitchen sink brand in European style. It has been committed to introducing European style and high-end kitchen concepts into China since its foundation. In fact, the product lines of Oulin include a sink cleaning center, high-end whole house customization, intelligent kitchen electricity, etc. It calls itself a solver for a healthy and fashionable lifestyle.

Kitchen Sink

In 1996, the Oulin sink came out and it introduced the concept of “kitchen sink” for the first time. Later, after decades of efforts, Oulin became an influential sink brand in China. At its early stage, Oulin introduced high-precision equipment and experts from Germany. Later, in order to develop kitchen products that are satisfactory for people, the R&D center of Oulin set up cooperative relationships with famous universities at home and abroad, such as Hunan University, Bauhaus-Universitat Weimar and so on. Besides, Oulin has taken advantage of the Olympic Games and the World Expo to enhance the influence of the brand at home and abroad. Oulin has also set up cooperation with some celebrities, such as Wang Shun, the champion winner of the 200m Medley. Nowadays, Oulin has more than 20 million consumers worldwide. Its markets cover more than 70 countries around the world, such as the U.S., Canada, Australia, etc.


Kitchen Sink

Likewise, Boma International is from China. It's a supplier of kitchen and bathroom sinks, such as ceramic sinks, granite stone sinks, etc. Boma International also supplies related accessories for sink products such as strainers and kitchen accessories such as cutting boards. Boma International has been providing its clients with high-quality sinks and good services for more than ten years. Therefore, Boma is trusted by its clients.
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