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Jomoo-one of Good Sink Brands from China

2022-03-08 09:56:44
There are a lot of sink brands in China. In such a large market of China, Jomoo definitely belongs to one of the good sink brands. Jomoo was established in 1990. With more than 30 years of development, Jomoo has developed into a group. It has become a comprehensive kitchen and bathroom manufacturer integrating scientific research, production, sales and services. There are more than 5,000 high-end bathing product stores and 200,000 sales outlets in the world, with double-digit annual sales growth and leading market share in the sink industry. Sink is not the sole product of Jomoo. Apart from sink, Jomoo's products include bathing products such as shower, bathtub, etc. and kitchen products such as faucets, etc. as well as other hardware products.
Jomoo is a powerful and influential sink brand. It has 5 production bases, high-end manufacturing plants. Jomoo take highly of the research and development of products. At present, it has 16 global R&D centers and more than 60 laboratories. Under years of efforts, Jomoo has obtained a lot of achievements which include more than 12,000 advanced patents, 71 IF design awards, 43 REDDOT awards. Apart from achievements in the business aspect, Jomoo is also an enterprise with a sense of social responsibility. Jomoo has conducted a series of public welfare activities in China. For example, it offered construction assistance after typhoon Moranti in Fujian province in 2016. An enterprise with strong social responsibility will gain welcome from consumers.
What makes Boma International different from Jomoo is that the former is focused on sink products. The sink collection of Boma International is quite rich and diverse. A wide variety of kitchen and bathroom sinks of different materials and sizes are available from Boma International. Ceramic sinks, glass sinks, stainless steel sinks, granite sinks, natural stone sinks, etc. We also provide related ancillary products of sinks, such as strainers and cutting boards, etc.
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