We judge whether the bamboo sink manufacturer has the strength?

2021-03-18 15:34:05
    When choosing a bamboo sink manufacturer, when the manufacturer has a good reputation, we usually consider whether it has enough capacity to meet our standards. Therefore, before making a final decision, we need to know the strength of the sink manufacturer. Make evaluation judgments. We can directly request to visit the manufacturer's factory, or we can communicate with some customers who have contacts with the bamboo sink manufacturer to understand the situation of the bamboo sink manufacturer from the side. Part of the information about bamboo sink manufacturers is obtained regardless of the channel. In general, we can evaluate the strength of bamboo sink manufacturers based on the following points and judge whether it is worthy of cooperation.
1. Production base
2. Number of employees
3. Technical process
4. Mechanical equipment
5. Product quality
6. Communication service ability
    Through the overall evaluation of the manufacturer through the above points, we can usually understand the manufacturer as a whole and avoid a large part of the risk. Of course, we can also add supplements according to our own specific requirements and consider comprehensively.
    The above is from Boma, for your reference.

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