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Integrate Wood into Your Bathroom

2022-09-26 16:12:27

Have you considered using wood in your bathroom design? Actually, wood is a good design option since it not only has a special texture but also features with environmental friendly. To integrate wood into a bathroom, we can use wooden countertops, wooden sinks, wooden walls, wooden floors and so on.
Wooden sink and bathtub
Can wood be used to make sinks and bathtubs? Yes! Wooden sinks and bathtubs can be easily found on the market. In the history of China, wooden sinks and bathtubs were once common fittings and they were used in ancient houses and inns. Nowadays, wooden sinks and bathtubs are still the choice of some people.
Wooden countertop and vanity
Placing a wooden countertop or vanity in a kitchen is not a rare thing. We can also place one for the bathroom. Wooden countertops or vanities have richly textured surfaces that are able to offset the shiny metal fixtures and smooth ceramic sinks.  
Wooden wall and floor
We can also consider opting for wooden wall and floor for our bathrooms. Wooden wall and wooden floor are typical elements of a country-style bathroom. Therefore, if you want to turn your bathrooms into a rustic style, try wooden wall and floor. We can choose waterproof wooden materials to refrain us from the possible hassles in future maintenance. Plus, waterproof wood is available in various styles and colors and it is at affordable prices.
Apart from the country-style bathroom design mentioned above, wood is able to fit well in other bathroom designs. Light-toned wood and grey wood are suitable for modern bathroom designs; darker wood, such as mahogany, goes well with traditional bathroom designs; recycled timber is a good option for rustic bathrooms.  
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