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Ceramic Sink vs. Granite Composite Sink

2022-06-13 10:42:02

  Whether it’s for the kitchen or bathroom, both ceramic sink and granite composite sink are not bad options. We’ve talked about ceramic sink many times before and it’s one of the most common sink in our daily life. Granite composite sink is reputed for its hardness and weight. Now let’s take a look at the similarities and differences between ceramic sink and granite composite sink.


  1. Durability. Both ceramic sink and granite composite sink have very long durability. Under normal circumstances, they can serve for decades and even for a lifetime.

  2. Easy to clean. To clean these two kinds of sinks routinely, you just need to wipe them with soft cloth. But hard objects should be avoided in case the sink’s surface is damaged.

  3. Available in various colors and shapes. They can be white, grey, black in color and rectangular, round, square in shape. The surface finishes of both ceramic sinks and granite composite sinks are customizable to meet the whole decoration requirements.


  1. Cost. Ceramic sinks are usually at affordable prices and they are very cost-effective. Whereas, granite composite sinks are not cheap. They have much higher prices.

  2. Weight. As we know, granite sink is known as “diamond hard” which makes it resistant to cracking, scratching and other damage. Although granite composite sink is less hard than granite sink, it has stronger hardness than many sinks made of other kinds of materials, such as ceramic sink.

  3. Environment-friendly. Granite composite sinks are considered to be environment-friendly but ceramic sinks are not.

  4. Installation. Since a granite composite sink is much heavier than a ceramic sink, the installation of a granite composite sink is more complicated than that of a ceramic sink.
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  Boma’s product range is wide. Both ceramic sinks and granite composite sinks are available from Boma. Welcome to wholesale sinks from Boma!

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