How can ceramic sink exporters improve products in the market?

2021-03-11 13:59:34
    In fact, there are many ways to improve product competitiveness, such as product innovation, market innovation, business model innovation, and management model innovation. Innovative application As for the practical application of innovation, when it comes to innovation, many companies first think of product innovation. In fact, innovation is not limited to product innovation. It is slightly different from Schumpeter’s classification of innovation. Now we generally believe that innovation is mainly divided into four types: product innovation, market innovation, business model innovation and management model innovation.
    1. Product Innovation
    Product innovation refers to the successful introduction of new products, new processes, and new services into the market to realize commercial value. If a new product launched by an enterprise cannot bring profits and commercial value to the enterprise, then it cannot be regarded as true innovation. Product innovation usually includes technological innovation, but product innovation is not limited to technological innovation, because new materials, new processes, combinations of existing technologies, and new applications can all achieve product innovation.
    As an exporter of ceramic sinks, we can launch other types of products on this basis, such as bamboo sinks, glass sinks, etc., to enrich the product series.
    2. Market innovation
    Market innovation refers to the market positioning, overall product, channel strategy, marketing communication (branding, advertising, public relations and promotion, etc.) based on the existing core products at the stage of product introduction to the market, in order to maximize the market effect or Innovative activities to break through the sales dilemma. Market positioning innovation is to choose a new market or tap new product benefits. The so-called overall product innovation refers to the company based on the existing core products, or change the packaging design, or change the product design, or combine peripheral accessories or complementary products, or provide personalized services. The innovation of the overall product, channel strategy, marketing communication and customer service must be carried out under the guidance of the re-adjusted market positioning strategy to achieve the best overall market effect.
    3. Business model innovation
    The so-called business model refers to the description of how an enterprise operates. A good business model should be able to answer several classic questions of management master Peter Drucker: Who are our customers? What do customers think is most valuable to them? How do we make money in this business? How can we provide customers with value at the right cost? The innovation of business model is to successfully change the elements of the existing business model, and ultimately improve the company's performance in providing value to customers.
    4. Management model innovation
    Management model innovation refers to changing the management process, business operation process and organizational form of an enterprise based on new management ideas, management principles and management methods. The management process of an enterprise mainly includes strategic planning, capital budgeting, project management, performance evaluation, internal communication, and knowledge management. The business operation process of an enterprise includes product development, production, logistics, procurement and customer service, etc. Through management model innovation, companies can solve major management problems, reduce costs and expenses, improve efficiency, and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.
    The above information comes from Boma for your reference.

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