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Are Glass Sinks Durable?

2022-06-21 13:57:03

Compared with general stainless steel sinks and ceramic sinks, glass sinks’ beautiful appearance usually attracts people’s attention. More than that, glass sinks also have long durability ranging from ten years to thirty years. However, there are two general misconceptions about this kind of sink. Now, let’s deal with these misconceptions.
Misconception 1
Easy to break
Generally speaking, glass sinks are made of tempered glass, which has undergone a process of being heated to a very high temperature and then quickly cooled down so that it is much stronger than regular glass. Therefore, glass sinks are usually impact-resistant and sturdy. They are able to withstand the similar wear and tear which ceramic sinks can.
Misconception 2
Hard to clean and maintain
As we mentioned in the previous article of “How to Clean a Glass Sink”, cleaning a glass sink is as easy as cleaning a ceramic sink. However, you need to pay attention to one issue. That’s to avoid your glass sink from thermal shock, which usually happens when there’s a rapid fluctuation in temperature. For this reason, you should not pour scalding water into the glass sink.
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