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Natural Granite Sinks

2022-08-16 09:39:23
Are you considering getting a natural granite sink? How much do you know about this kind of sinks?
It’s always better to have a knowledge of this kind of sink before you settle on it.
What are granite sinks
The granite sink belongs to one kind of natural sinks. This kind of sinks are made of pure natural granite. When it comes to natural sinks, people are likely to compare granite sinks and granite composite sinks. Granite composite sinks are made of a mixture of natural granite and resin in a certain proportion. Natural granite sinks are quite few. The majority of granite sinks in the market are granite composite sinks.   
Like other types of sinks, granite sinks also have some upsides and quite a few downsides.
What are the upsides of granite sinks?
Granite sinks are very tough and they can serve for a very long time.
Resistant to heat, scratching
Granite sinks are resistant to heat and scratching only if they are well-sealed.
Another advantage of granite sinks is their eco-friendliness since the material is directly from nature.
What are the downsides of granite sinks?
Natural granite sinks are usually at high prices. By comparison, granite composite sinks are cheaper than natural granite sinks under the same circumstances.    
Extremely heavy
Natural granite sinks are very heavy. Many natural stone sinks share this feature. That means that it needs at least two people to install a natural granite sink.
Sealing is necessary
To prevent the natural granite sink from seeping, the owners need to seal them. Sometimes, the granite sinks need to be sealed for more than once. 
Less varied appearance
Compared with granite composite sinks, natural granite sinks are less diverse in shape, color and other appearance designs. That’s one of the reasons why people prefer the granite composite sink to the natural granite sink.

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