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What's the parts of a ceramic sink?

2023-12-18 17:06:36
The parts of a ceramic sink are:

Faucet: The part of a sink where the water pours out.
Controls: These allow you to turn the water on or off.
Basin: The part of the sink that holds water from the faucet.
Drain: Allows water from the faucet to flow out of the sink basin.
Tailpiece: The section of piping that connects to the drain fitting.
Water supply lines: These attach to the sink’s faucet controls.
Trap: A P-trap is a two-part pipe under your sink that allows waste and water to pass through.
Cleanout: A pipe fitting that allows you to clear clogs and remove debris.
Shut-off valve or stops: Located near a sink to help you control the flow of water.

Each of these components plays a crucial role in the functioning of the sink. The ceramic material used in the sink makes it durable, sealed, and tough to stain.

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