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Sink Faucet: an Essential Sink Accessory for the Kitchen Sink

2022-06-27 11:23:14

 As we usually say, a sink is the centerpiece of a kitchen. There’s no exaggeration to say that a faucet is the heart of the sink. Among various sink accessories, faucet plays an essential role. From prepping food to cleaning the dishes, the sink faucet always plays a part and we interact with it most frequently in daily life.

Configuration of a sink faucet

  The configuration of a sink faucet is more complicated than what you may think. It is usually combined with lots of small parts. The main parts include:

  1. Head.

  2. Handle

  3. Body part.

  4. Inlet hose.

  5. Flange.

  6. Washers.

  6. Spring.

  7. Temperature indicator.


Style and design of a sink faucet

  From the different designs, sink faucets can be categorized into the following styles:

  1. Modern style

  2. Traditional style

  3. Transitional style

  4. Commercial style

  Some functional designs of the sink faucet are quite practical for daily use.

  1. Faucet with sprayer.

  A sprayer of the faucet really offers much convenience. The sprayer allows you to lead the water flow to any direction you want so that it makes the daily cleaning much easier. The sink faucet can be classified into various types based on the design of the sprayer, such as pull-down sprayer and side sprayer.

  2. Touchless faucet

  Touchless faucet is a representation of the application of smart technology to the sink. It’s becoming the preference of modern families. Nowadays, touchless sink faucets are designed to be both beautiful and functional.

  3. Faucet height

  The height of a faucet is an important factor for choosing a proper sink faucet. A tall sink faucet will not only bring aesthetics to the sink, but also offer larger space to make it possible for the sink to accommodate more stuff.

Surface finish of a sink faucet

  A sink faucet can come in various surface finishes. It can be polish chrome (CP), brushed nickel (BN), oil rubbed bronze (ORB) and so on. Each finish has an influence on the appearance of the faucet.


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