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Which Kind of Washbasin is Suitable for My Bathroom?

2022-09-16 16:18:04
It is not exaggerated to say that a washbasin, or bathroom sink, is the most important fixture of a bathroom, not only in function but also in outlook. A right washbasin may upgrade an ordinary bathroom to a higher level. Based on different ways of installation, washbasins can be categorized into under-mount washbasin, top-mount washbasin, wall-mount washbasin, pedestal washbasin, and integrated washbasin.
Then which kind of washbasin should I choose? Please read on.
Under-mount washbasin
Under-mount washbasins are more suitable for smaller bathrooms. Such kind of sink is easy to clean. It’s possible to wipe it into the basin if water is left on the countertop. However, under-mount washbasins are available in fewer styles and they are more complicated to install.


Top-mount washbasin
Top-mount washbasins require larger countertop space to place the rim of the basin. This type of sink is more varied in style and it fits well with all kinds of decoration styles. Nonetheless, water is more likely to collect around the rim, which may cause little trouble with cleaning.


Wall-mount washbasin
Wall-mount washbasins are attached to the wall. Therefore, the wall needs to be strong enough to install such a washbasin. Wall-mount washbasins are more common in small bathrooms since they are good space-savers. The disadvantage of such kind of washbasin is that it has no storage room.  
Pedestal washbasin
Pedestal washbasins are good choices for small bathrooms. They are also suitable for balconies and outdoor yards. They do not occupy much space and they usually bring a vintage style to the bathrooms. However, like wall-mount washbasins, pedestal washbasins have no storage room either.
Integrated washbasin
Integrated washbasins combine the functions of both the basins and the countertops. They create a streamlined and seamless outlook. Besides, compared with installing a separate countertop, integrated washbasin will save much cost on the countertop. But the replacement of such kind of sink will be a tough task. 
After learning the pros and cons of these washbasins, I believe it’s easier for you to make the decision.        

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