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Quality Inspection Of Ceramic Sinks 1

2020-08-19 19:14:45
The inspection is one of the most important procedure to control the quality of ceramic sinks. Thus, we insist on 100% inspection to maker sure all the sinks are in premium quality. Above of all, the measurement of overall size and bowl size is the most basic work for inspection. Then, the inspectors will check the ceramic sinks without being out of shape, especially for the rectangular sinks, the edges shall be quiet straight and flat.
For the glazed surface, any of ceramic sink with black spots or pinholes will be refused by our inspectors and also there shall be no serve or obvious yellow or gray spots on the finish. Besides, the glazed surface shall be glossy and smooth without any bulge or depression. As for the back of ceramic sinks, any cracks, broken edges or corners can’t be accepted under our strict quality inspection system.

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