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Quality Inspection Of Ceramic Sinks 2

2020-08-21 09:54:42
For the quality inspection of ceramic sinks, except for glazed surface and sink edges, actually many product details need also be paid much attention. For drain hole and overflow hole, they shall be in the same line. In order to make sure the good drainage, our inspector will carefully check if the drain hole is well structured and also estimate the size, neither too big or too small. What’s more, the insides of overflow hole need also be uniformly glazed with smooth and good sense of touch.
In fact, many customers would like print their logo on the sinks and carton boxes, so our inspectors will check one by one if the logo is well printed without being askew and the information on the packing is correct. Besides, our inspectors will check the hardness of paperboard is qualified, the size of cutout template is right, the pallet packing is straight and solid without transport risk... All the products from our side will inspected again and again to offer best sink and service.

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