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Package Operation Of Ceramic Sinks

2020-10-09 14:51:19
The packaging of our ceramic sinks is strictly operated based on standard procedures. Before the sinks are packed in carton box, actually there is lots of work to do. First of all, our workers will prepare all the packing material according to the quantities in the list and they are also well trained in advance to know the packaging methods for this type of ceramic sinks.
What’s more, our workers will check if the ceramic sinks are wiped without water after the water testing. Then, they will inspect all the accessories are complete and put them, also the installation instruction and cutout template in each carton box based on the models of ceramic sinks.
After it’s prepared well, our workers will put the sinks in the carton with caution and light to avoid the unnecessary crash, then the box will be sealed by sticky tapes. After being ticked with the color and model in overall packing of carton, the sinks are sent and stacked in the destined location of our warehouse, just waiting for the shipment.

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