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2024-03-02 12:01:38

An apron sink is a type of sink that has a front panel that extends past the edge of the countertop. This design is not only aesthetically pleasing but also practical, making it suitable for various kitchen styles.
How to Determine a Good Ceramic Apron Sink
A. Surface Smoothness: Check whether the sink surface has any small holes or protrusions. 
B. Water Absorption Rate: Sinks with low water absorption rates are less prone to water expansion and cracking, leading to a longer lifespan.
C. Thickness: A high-quality ceramic apron sink should be able to withstand daily use without breaking upon impact.
Why Choose Boma - Manufacturer of Ceramic Apron Sinks
Boma is a renowned manufacturer of ceramic sinks, known for its high quality, efficiency, and excellent service.
A. Quality Assurance:
  a) cUPC Certification: The cUPC certification assesses various factors, including water absorption rate, thickness, glaze, etc. Boma's ceramic sinks not only meet but also exceed cUPC standards.
  b) Scientific and Rigorous Quality Inspection Team: Boma maintains strict control over product quality, including secondary full inspections.
  c) 19 Years of Manufacturing Experience: Boma has deep roots in the ceramic sink manufacturing industry and has built a strong reputation in North America.
  d) Diversity: Boma offers a variety of styles of apron sinks to cater to the needs of different wholesalers, remodeling companies, and builders. 
B. In-House Factory: With skilled workers and advanced production equipment, such as new high-pressure production lines and kilns, Boma achieves high production efficiency, short production cycles, and has a large-scale production capacity.
C. High-Quality and Mature Pre-Sales and After-Sales Service: Boma provides diverse support services, such as accessories and packaging design, to cater to the various specialized customization requirements of customers.
Recommended Ceramic Apron Sinks from Boma
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Classic Flat Apron Sink from BOMA sink manufacturer

Latest Curved Apron Workstation Sink
Apron Workstation Sink from BOMA sink manufacturer

Unique Design Options
Apron Front Sink from BOMA sink manufacturer
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