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The Most Promising Ceramic Sink - BOMA Recommendation

2024-01-30 16:14:49

Drop in rectangular sinks are a type of ceramic sink that is installed by dropping them into a hole cut in the countertop. They are easy to install, easy to clean, and have a sleek, modern appearance.

Why drop in rectangular sinks are recommended

  • Drop in rectangular sinks have always been popular in the North American market. They meet the preference for minimalist and elegant aesthetics, as well as the desire for convenience and functionality.

  • Recently, we have noticed a continuous increase in market attention for drop in rectangular sinks, both from client inquiries and actual shipment volume. This indicates that this type of ceramic sink is gaining popularity and demand in the market, and this trend has caught our attention.

To adapt to market changes, it is highly recommended to consider the following three ceramic sinks.

What happened to BOMA's drop in rectangular sink

For almost 20 years, we have been manufacturing and providing high-quality ceramic sinks. We offer a diverse range of ceramic sink product catalogs to cater to various markets and segments. Here are three sinks that we will focus on introducing.
  • BMO-2014A
unique ceramic sink model from boma
The most striking feature of BMO-2014A is its unique appearance, which was independently developed by Boma. An impressive exterior design with a unique style can help you distinguish yourself from your competitors.
  • BMO-2118
classis porcelain sink from sink factory
The drop in rectangular sink has received a lot of continuous repeat orders. This shows that our drop in rectangular sink has a high demand and a loyal customer base.
We have the capacity and capability to produce and deliver our drop in rectangular sinks in large volumes. We can also offer ceramic sinks with different specifications and requirements, including size, color, and more.
  • BMO-2014C
popular ceramic sink sample from boma
This is the one with the highest increase in inquiry volume recently. This means that more and more potential clients are interested in our drop in rectangular sink and want to learn more about it. We have a dedicated and professional sales team that can provide you with timely and comprehensive information and support. If you require further assistance, please email

Advantages of Choosing BOMA Ceramic Sink

  • We have research and development capabilities that enable us to stay abreast of the latest trends in the sink industry and innovate quickly. We can adapt to the evolving market needs and preferences, and provide you with the most innovative and competitive products and solutions.

  • High quality ceramic sinks require advanced technical skills from workers, as well as high-quality machinery and equipment in all aspects. We have skilled staff, advanced production facilities, and a scientific and efficient quality inspection system. Various styles can be mass-produced, meeting North American high-quality standards and achieving fast delivery.

  • Boma provides extensive industry experience and is committed to achieving a mutually beneficial outcome. We have been in the ceramic sink industry for nearly 20 years, accumulating a wealth of knowledge and expertise. We can offer you valuable advice. We are not just your supplier, but also your partner and friend.

Boma International is a leading professional ODM/OEM manufacturer in the ceramic sink industry. We have more advantages that make us a reliable and trustworthy partner for your business. If you are interested in our ceramic sink, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you. Thank you for your attention and trust. Email address:

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