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BLANCO-The Largest Sink Manufacturer in Germany

2022-05-07 09:41:09
Do you know the brand Blanco?
Blanco headquarters in Oberderdingen in Germany. It is the largest sink manufacturer in Germany as well as one of the leading suppliers of sinks and related accessories in the world.
Achievements in design
Blanco's success is attributed to, to some extent, its competitive design. Especially in recent years, Blanco has received many renowned design awards because of its sinks and mixer taps. For instance, Blanco's German design team gained the REDDOT AWARD in 2018 as “best of the best”.
In 1981, Blanco launched its sinks made of composite materials for the first time. It has been consistently developing this kind of material since then. Nowadays, Blanco's Silgranit has become a global leader in colored sinks.  
Blanco is internationalized
Apart from its headquarter in Oberderdingen in Germany, sites of Blanco cover all over the world, including the stainless steel sink production site in Sulzfeld, Silgranit sink production site in Sinsheim, ceramic sink production site in Istanbul, etc. The subsidiaries of Blanco cover the USA, Canada, Western and Eastern Europe, etc., and the count is still growing. The international share covers over half of Blanco's total sales.    
Wide sink ranges and high-quality products
Blanco has a wide range of sink products, which serves one of the features of this sink manufacturer. The three materials of stainless steel, ceramic and Silgranit- which refers to a patented granite composite material that's extremely strong and durable, are what the sinks from Blanco are usually made from. What's more, Blanco manufactures more than sinks. It also produces taps and other related accessories.
The ultimate aim of Blanco is high quality. Just like Blanco, Boma International also attaches great importance to the quality of its products. With many choices of sinks of different materials, employees of Boma International show their great responsibility in the examination of each sink. Apart from that, the products of Boma International are well guaranteed by cUPC.
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