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Franke-One of the Top Ten Sink Brands in the World

2022-05-10 16:29:16
Being in the same sink industry, we can’t help thinking about the success tale of giants in the industry. The Swiss brand-Franke is definitely one of the top sink brands in the world. The whole development history of Fanke can be roughly divided into five phases.
The first phase of Franke’s history (1911-1939)
The first stage is, as shown on the brand’s website, “from craftsmen’s workshop to stainless steel industrial pioneer”. Franke started its history in Rorschach, Switzerland in 1911 as a sheet metal business. The founder is named Hermann Franke and thus this period is also called the “Hermann Franke era”. Franke started producing sinks in 1925 and made a breakthrough in the Swiss market with the first stainless steel sink unit. Meanwhile, Franke was relocated to Aarburg, which is its headquarter to this day, for the transportation advantages. From 1937 to 1939, Franke introduced a new welding technology and other series of production.
The second phase of Franke’s history (1939-1975)   
The second phase is “from manufacturer to international corporation” or “Walter Franke era”. In this period, Walter Franke, the son of the founder, started the internationalization of Franke. Franke first exported to its European neighboring countries in 1946 and founded its first foreign subsidiary in Germany in the same period. Later, its export grew and more divisions were set up.
The third phase of Franke’s history (1975-1989)   
The third phase is called “the shift to global corporation”. In this period, Willi Pieper, Walter Franke’s friend, set up the “Willi Pieper” of Franke. He acquired the Progressive Corporation in Philadelphia, US and started the Franke’s expansion outside Europe. 
The fourth phase of Franke’s history (1989-2013)
The fourth phase is called “on the way to world champion” or “Michael Pieper era” in which, Michael Pieper, a new generation, took over management of Franke Group. With global expansion as slogan, Michael Pieper continued the expansion of Franke globally on a larger scale. Franke conducted its global expansion through acquisitions of companies in the US, Australia, Asia, and Africa.   
The fifth phase of Franke’s history (2013-today)
To this day, Franke has developed into a leading sink brand in the world, influencing millions of homes all over the world.    

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