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Analysis of Major Export Countries for Ceramic Sink

2023-02-28 14:28:10

Ceramic sink is a popular kitchen and bathroom equipment which is widely used in many countries. As a group of major produces and exporters of ceramic sinks, China is taking up a large share of global exports.
In 2019, according to China Customs statistics, the export value of Chinese ceramic sinks to the UK and USA was 72,123,000 USD and 138,676,000 USD respectively, which accounted for 15.3% and 19.1% of the total export value of ceramic sinks, ranking the first and second in 2018. Besides, it was estimated that the export values to Italy, France and Germany were 54,831,000 USD, 61,619,000 USD, 54,014,000 USD respectively.
In addition, China's export also saw some growth in other countries and regions which are not mentioned above. In 2019, some emerging markets, such as Indonesia, Vietnam, Peru, Thailand, Brazil and Japan have shown an increased demand for ceramic sinks, resulting in an increase in export value. China's exports to these countries and regions for 2019 was 10.5 million USD, 8.4 million USD, 4.3 million USD, 4.5 million USD, 2.5 million USD, 5.2 million USD respectively.
Overall, the UK, the USA and some European countries are the main export destination for Chinese ceramic sinks. The export to emerging markets is mainly due to the increased demand from local markets. Year by year, China's exports of ceramic sinks have been on the rise with a steady growth. 


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