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What material is good for bathroom cabinet sink

2023-02-24 14:04:38

When choosing a bathroom cabinet, in addition to the material of the cabinet itself, what kind of sink to choose is equally important. After all, the frequency of using the sink can be regarded as the highest in the bathroom. Non-bleeding, easy to clean, durable, good-looking.. Let's see which sink is right for you

Undercounter sink: The most common style on the market, rock slab countertops + ceramic undermount sink are popular at present. The rock slab with variable texture and color has good scratch resistance and easy cleaning properties, and it can produce countless changes when matched with pure white ceramic undermount basin. Now there is also a seamless splicing process, the slate and the basin are spliced at 45° obliquely, leaving no dead ends, and cleaning is more convenient.

Integrated basin: ceramic and nano-diamond materials. The shape is simple and durable, and the biggest advantage is that it is easy to take care of. The ceramic integrated basin must pay attention to whether it is fired at a high temperature above 1200 degrees, so as to ensure that the ceramic basin has good physical properties and will not crack in later use.

The nano-diamond one-piece basin is integrally formed and has a delicate touch. If it is accidentally scratched or slightly damaged, it can be restored by polishing. It is a relatively good new material.

Topmount Sink: more artistic sense, commonly made of ceramics, resin, glass and other materials. Those who prefer retro style can choose ceramic sinks, and those who like light luxury or minimalist style can choose resin and glass shaped sinks.

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