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Bathroom sink installation

2023-01-29 17:06:58
The installation height of the sink

No matter what type of sink it is, the installation should not be too high, because if it is too high, you will feel sore hands when using it, and if it is too low, it will not be friendly to the lumbar spine. Especially if there are old people or children at home, more attention should be paid to the installation height.

Precautions for installing sink
1. After the sink is connected to the water pipe, be sure to pay attention to the tightness, so as to avoid the problem of water seepage during use.
2. We all know that the installation and removal of the undermount sink is very difficult, so the length of the countertop must not be too small, so as to ensure the quality of the installation.
3. After the undermount sink is installed, although it looks neat, don’t forget that there is easy dirt between the basin and the countertop, so anti-mildew treatment should be done during installation.

Bathroom sink installation

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