How to choose bathroom sink? Drop in sink or undermount sink?

2023-01-17 15:02:45
Drop in Sink/vessel sink
The Sink protruding from the countertop is an Drop in Sink. It is more convenient to install. Open a hole at the predetermined position, then place the Sink in the hole, and then fill the gap with glass glue. The water on the counter will not flow down the gap during use, but the water splashed on the tread cannot be directly wiped into the sink.
Undermount Sink
The Sink is completely recessed below the countertop, which is the Undermount Sink. The undermount Sink and the countertop are integrated, and the surface looks more beautiful, which is convenient for daily cleaning, and there will be no dead ends for cleaning.
However, the connection between the Sink and the Drop in is easy to hide dirt, so pay more attention when taking care of it. Compared with the above Undermount Sink, there are more trouble when disassembly the under Undermount Sink.

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