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Popular Ceramic Apron Sinks

2024-03-08 09:46:24

Apron sinks, also known as farmhouse sinks, are a type of sink that can enhance the beauty and personality of your kitchen. They are one of the most popular types of kitchen sinks in the North American market.
As a ceramic sink manufacturer, Boma offers a variety of popular ceramic apron sinks.
A. Classic Style: PK-S03 Series
PK-S03 Series From Ceramic Apron Sink Manufacturer
Flat apron sinks, timeless and durable, are the most frequently repurchased style by wholesalers and the most common and widely accepted style among consumers.
B. Latest Style: PK-S014
Workstation Porcelain Farm Sink From Ceramic Apron Sink Manufacturer
The newest design style on the market, featuring curved apron and step design, enhances the functionality of the ceramic sink while maintaining aesthetic elegance.
C. Special Apron Style
Porcelain Farm Sink From Ceramic Apron Sink Manufacturer
The design of apron sinks offers ample opportunities for creativity. In addition to the flat and curved apron designs, there are also personalized styles composed of various horizontal and vertical bars, enriching the market choices.
When it comes to purchasing ceramic apron sinks in large quantities, you may have concerns about:
A. Packaging Problem?
Boma has 19 years of experience in the sink industry and can provide various packaging solutions to maximize sink protection.
B. Mismatched Accessories?
Boma can provide accessories such as sink strainers, cutting boards, colanders, etc., to ensure a perfect match.
C. Sink Quality Problem?
Boma has a strong quality inspection team that conducts a secondary comprehensive quality check to rigorously control the sink's quality.
D. Can't Find the Desired Style?
Boma has many hidden styles that are not displayed. Please feel free to inquire about them with pictures by emailing
E. Need to Mass Produce Your Own Design Style?
Boma provides professional OEM/ODM services, welcome to contact at, and let us work together to turn your design into reality.

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