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How to Replace a Bathroom Faucet by Ourselves?

2022-11-23 09:26:43
It’s believed that replacing a faucet is one of the essential skills as a homeowner. Knowing how to replace a faucet saves us quite a few money on one hand and refrains us from resorting to others on the other hand.
A faucet is an essential part of a bathroom. Meanwhile, a leaking or broken faucet will cause a big trouble, which many of us probably have encountered with. Now, let’s learn how to replace a leaking bathroom faucet by ourselves.
Tools and material that you may need:
1. Waterproof tapes
2. A wrench
3. A bucket
4. A new faucet of proper size
General steps:
Step 1: Turn off the water supply
Before you remove the old faucet, remember to turn off the water supply. Otherwise, you are likely to take a surprising shower. Place a bucket under the sink and turn on the faucet to let the remaining water drain into the bucket. 
Step 2: Remove the old faucet
Disconnect the supply line and lift rod. And then remove nuts and the old faucet.
Step 3: Place the new faucet
Insert the new faucet into the mounting hole. And the rubber washer and ball rod.
Step 4: Turn on the water supply and test
After the new faucet is fixed, turn on the water supply and test if it leaks.
Installation of different bathroom faucet types:
Nowadays, there are a variety of faucets in the market. And there are slight differences in the installation of different faucets.
1. Thermostatic faucet
Before starting installing a thermostatic faucet, we should make it clear that which hose is hot and which is cold. Don’t get mixed up.
2. Wall-mount faucet
To install a wall-mount faucet, we’d better clean the hose first. Besides, pay attention to that the distance between the cold hose and the hot hose should be around 15cm.  
3. Single-hole faucet
Single-hole faucets are quite common. We can refer to the above steps for installation.

Replace a Bathroom Faucet

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