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Advantages and Disadvantages of Bathroom Dry-wet Separation

2022-11-25 17:32:50
The advantages of bathroom dry-wet separation:
1. Superior safety
With the dry-wet separation design in bathrooms, shower water will be prevented from splashing out and thus accidental slipping can be avoided. Besides, the dry-wet separation design will reduce the occurrence rate of electric leakage accidents since less vapor is released out.
2. Make your bathroom fixtures serve longer
Some fixtures, such as wood cabinets, are susceptible to damp. Put those items on the dry side will effectively reduce damage to them and thus make them have a longer serving time.
3. More sanitary
This is especially true for the bathrooms with wooden cabinets, which may attract more insects if they stay in a damp space for a long time.
4. Better insulation
The dry-wet separation design makes water vapor gather in space more or less and it prevents hot gas diffusion. Compared with those bathrooms without dry-wet separation, bathrooms with dry-wet separation have better insulation.
5. Bring much convenience
The biggest advantage of the dry-wet separation is the convenience it brings us. It makes it possible that we are using the toilet while our family member is washing his face or brushing his teeth without impacting each other. That’s very important especially for the busy mornings.
The disadvantages of bathroom dry-wet separation:
1. Extra costs
Adding a dry-wet separation means an extra door, wall and others. It’s obvious that such a design will increase the decoration cost.
2. Space limitation
The dry-wet separation brings us a number of advantages. Nonetheless, it does not fit all bathrooms. Generally speaking, the dry-wet separation design is more suitable for new houses and bathrooms with bigger spaces.   

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