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Differences between Vessel Sinks and Counter-mount Sinks

2022-11-08 14:09:39
Among the variety of sinks on the market, vessel sinks remain a common choice for bathrooms and powder rooms. However, people are divergent regarding whether vessel sink is a good option. And some people are hesitating between a vessel sink and a counter-mount sink.
The vessel sink and the counter-mount sink differ from each other mainly in terms of the way of installation and appearance. Accordingly, these two styles have different advantages and disadvantages.     
Different ways of installation
A vessel sinks is like a bowl, which sits directly at the top of a countertop. Whereas a counter-mount sink may be an under-mount sink and a top-mount sink. It is installed with the sink’s bowl beneath the countertop. Under-mount sinks are installed with the whole sink beneath the countertops while top-mount sinks are installed with their rims above the countertops.
It makes sense that the installation of a vessel sink is easier than a mount sink, whether it is an under-mount sink or a top-mount sink.  
Different appearances and designs
Vessel sinks sit above countertops like a piece of artwork, bringing a unique artistic sense to bathrooms, while mount sinks create a seamless connection with the countertop.
Both vessel sink and mount sink come in a wide range of materials. Nonetheless, vessel sinks are more varied and bold in design. A vessel sink can be various in shape, such as round, rectangular, oval or any other irregular shapes. It becomes more diverse in color, especially for glass sinks.   
Different advantages and disadvantages
The differences in installation and appearance lead to their distinctions of advantages and disadvantages.

Model:BMV-164A   Model:BMV-800A

Advantages of vessel sink
1. Stylish and diverse appearance.
2. Easy to install and replace.
Disadvantages of vessel sink
1. More likely to splash water.
2. Less durable. This point is debatable. As for the durability of a vessel sink, it has a lot to do with the material that the sink is made of.

Model:BMU-1813  Model:BMO-2018

Advantages of counter-mount sink
1. Seamless connection between sink and countertop.
2. Less likely to splash water.
3. Long durability.
Disadvantages of counter-mount sink
1. Relatively harder to install.
2. Less diverse in shapes and colors.

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