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Maintenance of Wood Bathroom Cabinets

2022-11-10 09:57:12

wood bathroom cabinet

Is there a wood bathroom cabinet in your bathroom? In the wet environment of bathrooms, the longevity of wood bathroom cabinets will be greatly reduced if proper maintenance or care is taken even if they are made water-proof. There are some things that you’d better pay attention to so that your wood bathroom cabinet can serve you for as long as possible.
1. Clean the water left on the counter to avoid corrosion caused by accumulated water.
2. Regularly wax the bathroom cabinet with paste wax every 12 months. Don’t miss out the cabinet body, hardware handle, towel bar and bracket.
3. Keep your bathroom cabinet away from heat source, power supply and water source as well as sunlight.
4. Keep the cabinet away from sharp stuff like knife and don’t use a steel ball to scrub its surface.
5. Make sure your bathroom has good ventilation. And it’s better to make dry-wet separation of the bathroom space.

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