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Add Elements of Victorian Kitchens to Modern Kitchens

2022-10-24 10:00:18
What do Victorian kitchens look like?
Victorian-style kitchens were popular during the Victoria era, which was a period of advancement and invention. An important feature of a Victoria kitchen is that all surfaces and wall coverings were washable. Besides, wooden floor, big table, and white bricks are also common elements of a Victorian kitchen.  
Victorian kitchen design ideas that fit modern kitchens
1. An antique kitchen sink
Most Victoria kitchen sinks are porcelain and they are usually with a large capacity. Therefore, when considering kitchen sinks, we may choose a classic porcelain sink. Actually, porcelain sinks are also commonly seen in a large number of modern families. They can add an element of Victoria kitchens while integrating well with modern life.

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2. Wooden cabinet and floor
Wood is an important element for a Victoria kitchen. Thus, we may consider making the kitchen cabinet and floor wooden to bring a Victorian feel to the kitchen.
3. Big dining table in the center of the space
Victoria-style kitchens usually have large space. The homeowners used to host family and friends here. Therefore, a big dining table is typical in the center of a Victoria-style kitchen.
If your house is big enough, you may consider placing a vintage table there.
4. An open kitchen shelving
Open kitchen shelving is an efficient way to make a kitchen look vintage, and the Victoria-style as well. We can easily see a lot of open shelving in the Victoria-style kitchens since homeowners in the Victoria era had less to store in the kitchen.
5. Make the wall easy to clean
Easy to clean fixtures are crucial factors of an old Victoria kitchen. We should pay attention to this point while making efforts to add elements of Victoria kitchens to kitchens. When it comes to the wall covering, brick-shaped tiles or wipe-clean wallpaper are good options and very Victorian.

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