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What You should Know Before Getting a Pedestal Sink

2022-10-26 11:01:08

New White Pedestal Bathroom Sink ;Model: BMPB-1818

Pedestal sinks are well-known as good “space savers”. These sinks are commonly seen in small houses since they save the space that is normally occupied by cabinets. Besides, the classic and elegant appearance of a pedestal sink is a magnet for homeowners who plan to remodel their bathroom to in vintage style.
However, pedestal sinks are not unalloyed good. You’d better learn about the following disadvantages of the pedestal sink before making the decision to get one. 
Limited counter space and no storage room
One obvious disadvantage of the pedestal sink is that it offers limited counter space. And there is no storage room since there is no cabinet. Therefore, you may need to pay extra money to get a storage space, for example, a separate cabinet. It, of course, won’t bother you if you do not have many items.  
You may need to change the plumbing system
The plumbing system of pedestal sinks is different from that of ordinary sinks. As a result, the plumbing system needs to be changed if you want to replace the old ordinary sinks with a pedestal sink.
Floor and wall repair is needed
Generally speaking, the plumbing system needs to be changed and a bracing in the wall is needed. That means damage or patches to the floor and wall may be caused and you need to repair them.  

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