Which glass sink supplier is good?

2021-03-11 14:30:08
    As far as the glass water tank is concerned, the raw materials and production process are relatively simple. Therefore, considering the product itself, as long as the manufacturer manufactures according to the standard, there is basically no difference in the quality of the glass water tanks manufactured by each manufacturer. If comparison is necessary, other aspects can be considered. For example, from the comprehensive consideration of the supplier's production capacity, product types, quality control system, customer service system, etc., we can then determine which glass sink supplier is good.
    The following two glass water tank suppliers are evaluated in terms of production capacity, product types, quality control system, and customer service system:
    1. Xiamen Boma International Trade Co., Ltd.
      (1) Production capacity
    The company currently has hundreds of experienced production employees, the factory covers an area of ​​nearly 240,000 square feet, rich production experience and large-scale production, to provide customers with stable supply guarantee. The company has large-scale production capacity.
      (2) Product category
    It is understood that the company has successfully developed a variety of sink products that meet North American quality standards through continuous product upgrades and technology research and development, helping customers to more fully meet the diverse needs of the market. At the same time, the company can provide high-quality OEM services, help customers with personalized customization and research and development, and provide strong help and support for the development of the customer's company.
      (3) Quality control system
    The company has a scientific production and quality management system, selects high-quality raw materials, from molding grouting, green inspection and repair, baking room drying, glaze spraying, kiln installation, self-inspection, secondary acceptance and packaging and shipment , Strictly control the quality of products, and integrate the production concept of excellence into every link of production.
      (4) Customer service system
    The company has a complete customer service guarantee system.
① An experienced foreign trade service team responds to customer inquiries within 24 hours and resolves customer queries in a timely manner.
② Provide high-quality terminal services, including tracking terminal sales, terminal usage problems, etc., and promptly advise customers to help customers better serve the terminal market.
③ Help customers conduct cutting-edge market research, provide intimate product procurement, album design, printing and other services, help customers accurately grasp cutting-edge information, save time and cost, and create greater value in the market.
    2. Kingkonree Shenzhen Ltd. / Kingkonree Shenzhen Ltd.
      (1) Production capacity
    The company's factory scale is 10,000-30,000 square meters, with advanced equipment and excellent quality.
      (2) Product category
    The company supports deep processing and has a richer product range.
      (3) Quality control system
    8 years of manufacturing experience, service will become more and more professional
      (4) Customer service system
①24-hour hotline, fast service
②Professional foreign trade business, more considerate service.
    Information above is for reference only.

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