How should sink companies keep their own brands alive?

2021-03-11 14:25:00
    The sink industry has developed to this day, and the industry structure is changing faster and faster. Examples of survival of the fittest are not uncommon. The concentration of sink brands is constantly increasing. Therefore, if sink companies want to gain a share in this "competitive" market, they also need to understand the market trend. From price fight to brand fight, the innovation of sink brand operation has become a powerful magic weapon for sink companies to win the market.
    1. Sink promotions must maintain brand vitality
    Looking at the current sink industry, after market dominance has gradually shifted from the hands of enterprises to the hands of consumers, the favorable soil of sink companies has gradually lost. Too frequent promotional activities have become one of the most obvious problems in the sink industry. Due to the pressure of industry competition, many sink companies and distributors are eager to successfully sell sink products through some activities so that they can better in the future. Invest in new R&D and production. However, things are counterproductive, and now consumers no longer seem to be led away by advertisements before, but have more individualistic consumer propositions. Frequent promotions of sink companies and merchants have given them immunity. It is common to shop around. How to maintain the vitality of the sink company brand in various promotional activities is also one of the key points for the success of promotional activities. .
    2. The vitality of the sink brand needs to strengthen innovation
    If sink companies want to maintain brand vitality, they need to work harder on product innovation. As we all know, plagiarism has become a regular phenomenon in the development of the sink industry, and the lack of emphasis on innovation has made my country's sink brand even if it becomes a major international producer, it is still not valued by the international market. Discrimination and prejudice against Chinese sink companies in the international market have not been eliminated, and some foreign companies even use this defect of Chinese sink companies to infringe on the rights and interests of Chinese sink companies.
    Therefore, sink companies should strengthen innovation. In addition to strengthening the design of sink products, more attention should be paid to environmental protection. Environmental protection is not an empty talk, not a nihilistic concept. To truly implement environmental protection, not only must it be done in every product, but also in the production process.
    3. Seek OEM service for sink
    Under certain circumstances, we can seek OEM services, which can reduce production costs to a certain extent, so that more capital can be invested in brand promotion and brand vitality can be maintained. After looking for OEM services, you must maintain product quality, otherwise you will lose more than you gain. Therefore, when looking for OEM, it is particularly important to choose a manufacturer to cooperate with. The manufacturer must meet the following three basic requirements:
  • Large-scale production capacity
  • Modern machinery and equipment
  • Scientific quality control system
    In short, under the background that market dominance has been transferred to consumers, sink companies need to strengthen innovation and strive to create environmentally friendly products in order to achieve better and faster development of the company.
    The above information comes from Boma, for your reference only.

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