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How to Choose a Proper Bathroom Cabinet?

2022-10-13 10:14:50
There are some common questions bathroom cabinets. They contain: 
1. Strong bad smell
2. Cracking and breakage of surface finishing
3. Rust on the parts
4. Tend to get dirty
5. Silver mirror black border, etc.

Bathroom Cabinet

How should we pick a cabinet to avoid the above common problems?
1. Material
Whether it is to choose a bathroom sink or to choose a bathroom cabinet, we need to take the material into consideration. The material plays a fundamental role in the performance of the products.  
In the last update, I introduced six types of common materials for bathroom cabinets. Consumers can make a choice based on their needs and preferences. 
2. Design
The bathroom cabinet with many drawers makes it more convenient to store small items. Besides, wall mounted, high legged or wheeled ones can effectively isolate the invasion of ground moisture to the cabinet. The bathroom cabinet that conforms to the ergonomic principle and humanized storage design can make daily necessities readily accessible.
3. Check the hardware
The small hardware fittings influence the comfort of daily use and also affect the quality of the entire bathroom cabinet. Therefore, we should remember to check the hardware hinges, for example, the opening of the cabinet hinges, when picking a cabinet. The more accurate the door is, the tighter it will close, and the less dust and moisture will penetrate. In addition, we should know whether the metal parts have undergone moisture-proof treatment, so as to resist moisture erosion.
4. Sizes
Generally speaking, the space in the bathroom is relatively limited. Thus, when picking a bathroom cabinet, we should take the bathroom space into consideration and decide on the proper size.
5. Style
In addition to the main practical functions, the bathroom has also become equally concerned about the embodiment of style and personality. A bathroom cabinet, together with a bathroom sink, works as a centerpiece in the whole bathroom. A style-matching bathroom cabinet will be the backbone of the bathroom style, and it can integrate with the surrounding environment to form a perfect bathroom space.

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