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Where should I Place My kitchen Sink?

2022-10-14 11:14:01

Nowadays, kitchen sinks are more than practical. They are also considered to be elegant and stylish fittings. Therefore, choosing a proper kitchen sink and the placement of the kitchen sink play an important role in the kitchen design.
Regarding the question of where to place the kitchen sink, the majority of designers agree that the best placement for a kitchen sink is to center it under the window. It is indeed a good placement. Enjoying the beautiful vista outside while prepping, cooking or doing the dishes often brings us to a good mood.
However, placing the kitchen sink under the window may not be practical for small kitchens with limited space or those without windows. Under this condition, the options for the optimum placement are limited. It’s better to keep the existing plumbing where it is, as it reduces remodeling costs. 
Besides, it’s suggested that the kitchen sink should be installed next to the dishwasher. In this way, those dishes can be easily rinsed and transferred to the dishwasher.

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