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What Brings about the Clogs in the Bathroom Sink?

2022-08-23 09:14:01
Before we talk about how to deal with the clogged bathroom sink, let’s firstly learn what brings about the problem. Factors that lead to the clogs in the bathroom sink can be divided into the following three parts.
1. Fallen hair
It is quite common that the bathroom sink is blocked by fallen hair. People comb their hair and shave by the sink and the hair falls into the sink. If you it was not cleared out timely, the sink will be blocked.
2. Residual toiletries
Another factor that causes the sink clogging can be the residual toiletries, such as paper towel, dental floss, cotton swabs and so on. Leaving these stuff in the sink will slow down and even stop the draining. Besides, soap scum is also a very common culprit of the clogged bathroom sink.
3. Broken pipe
If it is neither fallen hair nor residual toiletries that block the sink, then the clogging may be attributed to the broken pipe. In this situation, you may need to change the pipe on your own or ask for professional help.   

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